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We ask you to kindly complete this quiz alone, and honestly. You may use a pen and paper to work things out. There is a 10-minute time limit to complete 12 questions, so keep your eye on the clock at the bottom right of the screen.

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Identify the two statements necessary to make the below conclusion true.

Andrew is swimming.

a) Andrew is in the pool during the winter.
b) Andrew is in the pool.
c) Swimming takes place in the pool during the winter.
d) All the boys in the pool are swimming.


Andy throws the ball faster than Barry.

a) Dave is the champion thrower.
b) Andy can throw the ball further than Barry.
c) Andy can throw the ball as fast as Dave.
d) Dave can throw the ball faster than Barry.


A hundred soldiers went to the war.

a) Forty soldiers did not turn up for the war.
b) Twenty soldiers were killed in the war.
c) The war was boycotted by sixty soldiers.
d) Eighty soldiers returned alive.


A is south-west to C.

a) A is two miles south of B.
b) B is two miles east of D.
c) C is two miles east of B.
d) D is North-west of A.


Four defenders in a football match — Defender A, Defender B, Defender C & Defender D — take their positions in this order in a row from right to left. During the match, Defender A changes places with Defender C and then Defender C changes places with Defender B. Which defender is now at the left end of the row?


In the above question who is to the right of Defender C?


Six electronic items are stacked in a cupboard divided into several racks. Cellphone is in the rack right above the Ipod and the Laptop is in the rack right below the Food warmer. Food warmer is in the rack right above the Cellphone and the Ipod shares the rack with the Headphones. Coffee brewing machine is kept on the lowest rack. Which item is on the topmost rack?


In the above question which two other items share a rack?


Five swimmers — A, B, C, D, E — participated in a competition. A lost to B but beat C. D beat E but failed to beat C. Which swimmer won the competition?


In the above question which swimmer came second-last?


Laura loves to eat apple but not the banana while John loves to eat mango and the banana. Kim loves to eat mango but not the apple and Jim loves to eat banana but not the mango. If each child loves to eat two of the three fruits, which one has the same preference as John?


A pair of referee and linesman officiated in football matches for a week. The referees were A, B, and C. The linesmen were 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

a) No Referee or linesman officiated in two consecutive matches.
b) A and 3, if either officiated, were always in a pair.
c) 5 officiated in Wednesday’s match.
d) 4 could not officiate in a match immediately preceding or following a match where 5 officiated.

Which pair officiated in Tuesday’s match?