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Start planning your Digital Marketing strategy for 2014

Posted: 13 January 2014 In: Web Design and Trends


2013 was a year many will remember for pushing the limitations of digital marketing and the world of web in general. Following in the footsteps of some of 2013 biggest announcements like the new Google Hummingbird algorithm and Twitters IPO announcement, 2014 is going push the limits even further.

Content is Key

Many of the world’s top Chief Marketing Officers believe that custom content is the future of marketing. Don’t get us wrong, the way your site looks and functions is still an important aspect of having a successful and effective website but most marketers have embraced content as a powerful resource to focus on. Content not only refers to the text but the images, videos and other representations of you on your website. Why is content a growing ‘trend’? Along with the realization of the impact custom content has there has been an influx of Content Discovery Apps to support and fuel the competition for the ultimate content.
If you’re not dedicating time or budget towards content development, it may be time to consider doing so.

Video Marketing

It goes without saying; videos can convey a message that is ten times more powerful than purely textual content. 2013 yet again proved that great video content has the potential of becoming an overnight viral success, before 2013 there was Kony 2012. So why is Video Marketing becoming one of the preferred marketing tools? With apps like Vine and Instagram creating, viewing and sharing videos on devices have become a part of everyday life, creating a fast growing network of “video-holics”. Combined with the growing mobile potential we expect that video marketing will continue to grow even more in 2014.

Social Media

Being on at least one Social Media platform has become a norm over the years for businesses big and small. 2013 was a year filled with social media growth and we will continue to see this trend in 2014. Close to 90% of marketers say they already use Social Media for business and many have seen a dramatic change for the better. Social Media has become a part of everyday life and it seems a new platform is dreamt up every week. These networks are carving out a unique niche for themselves, which means that businesses will continue to use different platforms to build their brand and connect with consumers.

This Article was Originally published on ActivaPR

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