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Content is Key to Your Website's Success

Posted: 10 April 2014 In: Web Design and Trends


Working with website content has brought to light just how little thought some companies put into what is actually said on their website and focus more on what it looks like. Most website owners get so caught up in process of algorithm and in-depth development that they miss the whole point. Don’t get me wrong – having a clean, professional and visually appealing website is always important but are you aware of just how important your website content is and the effects it has on your SEO?

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Responsive Websites vs Mobi Sites

Posted: 26 March 2014 In: Web Design and Trends


Is responsive web design your top priority this year? If not, you should get in touch with the upcoming design trends in 2014 – you don’t need as much room in your budget as you think.

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Why you need to let go of your Static Website

Posted: 11 March 2014 In: Web Design and Trends


Although your visitors may never know whether your website is built with a content-management system or the more traditional 'static-page' form of website, the difference is something that you - as the site's owner - will notice from the word go.

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Start planning your Digital Marketing strategy for 2014

Posted: 13 January 2014 In: Web Design and Trends


2013 was a year many will remember for pushing the limitations of digital marketing and the world of web in general. Following in the footsteps of some of 2013 biggest announcements like the new Google Hummingbird algorithm and Twitters IPO announcement, 2014 is going push the limits even further.

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What is Google Hummingbird and how will affect my Website

Posted: 11 October 2013 In: Technology


On the eve of its 15th birthday, Google turned the tables and gave the Internet a shiny new present: Hummingbird, the search giant's largest search algorithm update since 2001.

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The World's First 3D Sensor for Mobile Devices

Posted: 16 September 2013 In: Gadgets


3D printing is an incredible technology, although it requires detailed information about the objects you want to print. For most people, this is a big limitation — it's not like every phone or tablet has a 3D imaging camera. Enter Occipital.

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Pintrest Style Web Trend

Posted: 05 July 2013 In: Web Design and Trends


Perfect circle has noticed more and more clients are looking for the “Pintrest Look” on their website. Here are 14 websites, in no particular order, that have used this 'Pintrest' design to enhance their web presence.

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Our Office Ironman

Posted: 17 April 2013 In: Perfect Circle News

Ironman (1)

Damian Giulietti has been involved with IronmanSA not only as a competitor but also as a volunteer and all round Go-To-Guy for the usual web related panic. Here is his account of the amazing adventures his had during his Ironman years.

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5 Ways To Bring Your PC Back To "Life"

Posted: 04 April 2013 In: Technology


When our PC is driving us up the wall by not doing what it should what do you do? Before forcing it into early retirement read these 5 steps to keep your PC around a bit longer without you wanting to crawl into a hole and hide away from it.

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In With The Old In With The New

Posted: 13 March 2013 In: Web Design and Trends


If you think 2012 was an exciting year , you better hold on to your hat because 2013's web design trends will blow you away.

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The Herald MTB Mud Challenge

Posted: 10 February 2012 In: Perfect Circle News


Check out Damian powering through the mud at this year's Herald MTB race! Watch it on You Tube designed & developed by Perfect Circle.

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Ironman Video

Posted: 18 April 2011 In: Projects


Checkout the new Ironman Video we did for this years race! It's just a swim, bike & run, but your life will be changed forever! This is the IRONMAN! Watch it on You Tube

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Mobile Phone Development

Posted: 07 March 2011 In: Technology


With everything moving towards mobile phone development, it's great to see a number of frameworks in which to develop and deploy native application. The last few weeks have seen us playing around with the following frameworks: Worklight, Phonegap, Rhomobile and Titanium.

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Looking for a Junior Developer

Posted: 16 February 2011 In: Perfect Circle News


As a young and rapidly growing company we are looking for fresh young talent to join our team! We are currently looking for a junior developer who is eager to expand their knowledge in web development, interested in working with open source technologies and developing kick ass web applications.

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We're employing and we want you!

Posted: 24 January 2011 In: Perfect Circle News


As a young and rapidly growing company we are looking for fresh young talent to join our team! So what skills do you need? We ask what skills do you have? If you are a Graphic Designer or a Programmer or a SEO guru. Send us your CV / Portfolio (and please make it interesting) and we'll be calling you!

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Web Design Trends for 2011

Posted: 17 January 2011 In: Web Design and Trends


With January almost behind us, we focus on web design trends for 2011. This year will see more time and effort spent on mobile website development, sites will become even simpler and more intuitive to use. With the growth of broadband we will also see greater use on hi-res photography, and effective use of video. Exciting times! 2011 here we come!

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Perfect Circle, Entrepreneur of the month!

Posted: 06 September 2010 In: Perfect Circle News


The Perfect Circle team was nominated and featured as yourMoney's entrepreneur of the month for September. A full page article covered the team, our work and the challenges involved in starting and running a business. Read the full article here or in your copy of the yourMoney newspaper.

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The shoemaker’s son has some shoes

Posted: 21 June 2010 In: Perfect Circle News


There is an old saying that goes “The shoemaker’s son has no shoes”. For too long Perfect Circle has gone without a world-class website with which to showcase its incredible work. No longer! We have finally made our son some shoes!

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Apple iPhone 4

Posted: 17 June 2010 In: Gadgets


It seems like Apple have done it again. Just as the rest of market was catching up to the iPhone 3GS they go and released the iPhone 4. Love it or hate it, it's really got some cool features. The only question to ask now is when will it land in SA, and what ridiculous mark-up are they going to add to it?

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