Our Team

We boast a diverse team of professionals ranging in skill sets and interests, each having their own unique passion for the industry. We may have different departments but we all work as one group to provide you with quality service.

Chief Imagination Officer and Traffic Controllers

Or what you might know as Management and Administration. Our Chief Imagination Officer, Damian, has a great passion for finding solutions and improving on these solutions as new technologies grow and he has a great eye for design. His team of traffic controllers ensure that while he works on your solutions there is someone there for you if you ever need assistance.

Our Pixel Pushers

Our creative team of designers can not only create designs unique to each client, but their skills also range across photography, video editing and other media fields. This team is responsible for taking the ideas of our Imagine Officer and turning them into visual masterpieces that you can use as not only websites but many other marketing tools. They have an excellent understanding of the importance of visual stimulation in brand association so can take the most basic of ideas and turn them into an element with that ‘special something’.

Our Code Ninjas

Not at all like the foreign species you may think developers to be, this team is made up of some of the best minds in the development field – well we think so. Forever challenging themselves to stay up to date with the latest technologies, our team makes sure to provide you with simple solutions for complex functionalities. Our development has developed not only websites (both static and CMS) but complex systems such as online games and internal management systems all while keeping the office filled with fun competition. We are confident that when we pose a challenge to our team they deliver and with a drop of the mic.